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Tangle Farm by Microhash

In game screenshot from the game "Tangle Farm" by Microhash on

In-game screenshot from the game “Tangle Farm” by Microhash on is home of the first decentralized IOTA game Tangle Farm

First decentralized IOTA game stored on the Tangle and validated by QubicLite.

“Tangle Farm”

A simple but revolutionary game where you can grow and harvest food on a farm.

Installation is simple and well documented on

Installation guide Screenshot for Tangle Farm from

Installation guide screenshot for “Tangle Farm” from by Microhash.

Decentralized casino and sportbetting platform based on the IOTA Tangle

WINiota online casino and sports betting platform using the IOTA Tangle.

WINiota is the first decentralized 3rd genreation blockchain sports betting and casino platform.
Using the IOTA Tangle technology, WINiota is one step ahead of other blockchain casinos, having developed the first playable application using IOTA flash channels.”

There is already a Demo you can test.

The ICO starts soon and more informations about WINiota – like their whitepaper can be found on their website.

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