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IOTA Trinity Wallet

The Trinity Wallet is out now for Android, IOS, Mac, Linux and PC.


IOTA Trinity Wallet for IOS and Android


Trinity for IOS

For the IOS version it is necessary to download the Testflight app first since Trinity is in open Beta.
After you installed Testflight you can download the Trinity App here:


Trinity for Android

Trinity for Android is available in the Google Playstore:

Just download / install the app and you are ready to go.


Trinity for PC, Mac and Linux

Trinity for PC, Mac and Linux can be found here:



About IOTA Trinity Wallet

Important!: Make sure only to use the original IOTA wallet by the IOTA foundation. Only use links/downloads that are provided by otherwise you risk to lose your funds!!

The Wallet is designed to be as simple as possible to use.
The intuitive App with its design and features makes it easy to use – even for people that are totally new to crypto.
You can send and receive IOTA and even attach messages.
Scan the QR-code and you can pay with IOTA for example.

The desktop version provides all the same features + you can connect your Ledger Nano S with it. So you can store your IOTA safely on this device.

There are so many things to discover in the IOTA Trinity Wallet!

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