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Paracosm – VR game using IOTA Tangle and JINN processor

Paracosm and Post Scriptum – a new milestone in VR gaming using IOTA

Paracosm is a virtual reality game (VR) and platform, presented at the 2018 DevGAMM in Minsk.
This game is going to change the world of VR.

The game will consist of multiple parts:

  • The Paracosm MMO RPG (first release will be Post Scriptum)
  • A collectible token game / board game / card game
  • The “Paracosm Key

Using IOTA, the Tangle and the JINN processor Paracosm will enable things never seen before.

But Paracosm isn’t just only a game – it’s going to be a whole VR-platform (Paracosm Company).
Everybody with an internet connection and VR components will be able to participate.
You can create your own Paracosm universe and invite whoever you want to join.

Post Scriptum

First there will be a universe released called “Post Scriptum“.
This is a medieval/gothic themed universe.
Players will be able to explore this universe and find out what is possible in this game.

Post Scriptum, the first release of Paracosm, won’t be a VR game. This feature will follow at due time.
But it will be a great showcase what this game will be all about.


The PC MMO RPG will be a multiplayer game. An open world will make this game an exciting playground.
Stunning 3d graphics will plunge you into the medieval world of Post Scriptum.
Experience exciting adventures with your chosen character in this open world video game map.


Paracosm Key

The “Paracosm Key” will be a keyfeature of this game.
This will be your ID, which will store all your data, like player history and real and virtual assets on IOTAs Tangle.
Yes – you heard right!
The game will store your data on IOTA’s Tangle.

Paracosm collective card game and collective Board Token Game

There is more: A card game that will connect the virtual with the real world.
The collectible Paracosm card game cards will have built in RFID chips, that store your gamedata from the IOTA Tangle on it.
Two to six players can play this game.

The collectibl Post Scriptum Token Game will contain real tokens that also have built in RFID chips.
These tokens will be able to record all the characteristics, token evolution and history on the IOTA Tangle.

This augmented reality (AR) token game (wargame) will combine real world gaming and modern tech like tablets and smartphones.

Bring your medieval characters, like the smith or the champion, to life on your screen and experience a gaming atmosphere never seen before.


IOTA Token as in-game-payment

The developers said that IOTA will be the in-game-currency for purchases and other things where a payment method is needed.

This all combined one can say that IOTA’s network will definetly benefit from this game.

You can register yourself for the Presale on the website and will be noticed once the game is officially released and get further updates before that!

The game will be available for PC and mobile devices.

Paracosm Roadmap


For 2019 Paracosm got a few things in Store.

They will be present at the Berlin White Night, a business coference for the game industry, in Berlin – Germany in February, showing Post Scriptum and the collectible board game.
The Paracosm Key pre-sale and the Paracosm ONE 1st auction will also be in February 2019.
The Collectible Token Game (mobile version) will be launched in March, followed by the Boardgame in May.
In Juli we will see the MMO RPG going to Alpha. Later in November we will see the first BETA.

5 year roadmap

The following 5 years sound very promising and exciting.
2019 the final IOTA protocol should be launched, followed by an Orbuculum XR-engine in 2020.
2021 we might see a Cross-reality Helmet by Paracosm!
2022 and 2023 a XR-suite and a Paracosm Sphere will follow. will of course inform you when you can buy Paracosm online or at local stores!


About the Paracosm Company

The company was founded by Sergey Ivancheglo, aka CFB or Come From Beyond and Co-Founder of IOTA, in summer 2018 to make his dream of a customizable virtual reality world come true.

Therefore he gathered a group of companies and game enthusiasts from all around the world to built this platform.

The team contains members from all around the world and they all share the same vision.

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