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Tangle Farm – The First Decentralized IOTA Game On The Tangle By Microhash

Tangle Farm – The first decentralized IOTA game on the Tangle by Microhash

Tangle Farm – IOTA Game

In game screenshot from the game "Tangle Farm" by Microhash on

In-game screenshot from the game “Tangle Farm” by Microhash on

Big applause to Microhash!
He made it – the first decentralized IOTA game using the Tangle and QubicLite.

It’s a simple looking game where you can harvest and plant your own food.
But it’s so revolutionary!
It’s the first real game using IOTA and the Tangle.
This is made possible by QubicLite that Microhash revealed a few weeks ago.

Just follow the installation guide on and you are ready to go.

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