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Spiel 2019 in Essen

Caer Sidi / Paracosm and IOTAshops at “Spiel 2019” in Essen

Take a look at what happened at “Spiel 2019” in Essen and how IOTA was involved.

It was about time – One of the biggest gaming fairs in the world has opened – The “Spiel 2019” in Essen from October 24th-27th 2019.
And of course, who couldn’t be missing there?
The team of Caer Sidi / Paracosm!
Felix from IOTAshops accompanied CEO Pavel Shlapak and his team for two days and took a close look at the game and the platform.

Day 1

Many people, hustle and bustle and lots of booths where different games were presented.
Card games, board games etc. – the heart of every game fan beats higher at this fair.
And somewhere in this turmoil Caer Sidi has its stand.

Crowded halls at Spiel 2019 in Essen

But who or what is Caer Sidi actually?
Caer Sidi is a gaming platform / service that was founded in 2018.
In principle a kind of “steam“, with the difference that the data is stored on the IOTA Tangle and a big focus is placed on Virtual Reality (VR).
Currently, however, the project is still running on Hyperledger.
As soon as the technical requirements are fulfilled, the change to the Tangle takes place.

Developers can create their own Paracosm universe (e.g. a game world), which can then be integrated on the Caer Sidi platform.
Via the Caer Sidi Hub, a virtual meeting point, you can enter different worlds.

(More informations about Paracosm / Caer Sidi in this article from IOTAshops)

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Olga Fedina welcomed me at the entrance of the fair in Essen.
She is project owner of Altar: The War of Gods at Caer Sidi.
We made our way through the crowds to Hall 6, where Caer Sidi had its stand.

Mini figurines, Altar: The War of Gods board games, Paracosm Keys and other merchandise was shown.
An image film of the company was screened.
I was excited because I hadn’t been able to hold any of the products in my hands until now.

paracosm keys, mini figurines, altar the war of gods board game
Mini figurines, Paracosm Keys, Altar: The War of Gods board game etc.

People were already eagerly playing the board game Altar at tables that were also set up at the stand.
And of course I also wanted to play a round.
Olga briefly explained the rules to me and we started.
Spoiler: It was a lot of fun!

Afterwards she led me through the stand a bit more exactly.
I looked at the articles and had details explained to me.

I was especially fascinated by the mini figures and Paracosm Keys.
The figures were hand-painted with a lot of love for detail and looked very high quality.
I especially liked the packaging of the keys, which looked very noble.
And of course all articles had a built-in NFC chip with which you could establish a direct connection with Caer Sidi.
Hold on to your mobile phone and the Caer Sidi page opened.
There you could have a look at the history of the articles and further details.

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Day 2

Full of excitement I made my way back to Hall 6.
Today I would again spend the day with Caer Sidi’s team.
Pavel Schlapak, CEO of Caer Sidi, was also present today.
I was happy to finally meet him in person.
He also guided me around the stand and we discussed things like the progress of the project and the long-term goals.
He, Olga and the rest of the team were especially impressed by the commitment of the community.
This contributes to a large extent to the fact that the project develops so rapidly.

KOI KOI – japanese style board game

Also today Caer Sidi’s booth was well filled again.
A large number of people wanted to play a round of Altar and inform themselves about the game and Caer Sidi / Paracosm.
Also I didn’t let it take me to play the one or other round Altar.

In summary, the Spiel 2019 in Essen was a great success.
Caer Sidi was the only game provider that had a Distributed Ledger Technoloy (DLT), in this case IOTA, in use. (afaik)

If you didn’t have the opportunity to be present at the Spiel 2019, you don’t have to be sad.
In the online shop of Caer Sidi you can buy the merch exhibited at the fair, as well as the board games Altar: The War of Gods, KOI KOI and of course the hand-painted figures and Paracosm Keys.

<click here for the Caer Sidi store>

If you are not so into board games – no problem.
Of course there is also a PC version of Altar besides the Post Scriptum CTG!

Altar: The War of Gods PC-version: <click here>

Post Scriptum: Collectible Token Game PC-version: <click here>

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