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We all trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies more or less regularly – preferably IOTA of course!
But did you also know that every trade on an exchange, even if it is only from one cryptocurrency to another (e.g. Bitcoin to IOTA) is tax relevant?
Many people are not aware of this and the surprise is great when the tax office suddenly asks unpleasant questions.
Even if you often have the feeling that you are handling play money with cryptos – this is not so!
It is a financial product and the tax office wants to be informed about your activities.
Not only about profits.
Of course you can also report and claim losses.

Many of us are HODLERs and the topic “cash out” is still a long way off.
But when the time comes, and the hopefully big profits are to be realized, the long holding period has to be proven as well, in order to benefit from possible tax advantages etc.

For a few trades, this can be documented quite well with an Excel table.
However, as soon as there are regular buys/trades with different currencies (e.g. Euro, USD etc.) on different exchanges, it becomes difficult to handle this clearly. graphic 15% off – Coin Tracking provider from Germany. Live chat support, easy handling and optimized for the tax office – 15% discount with the IOTAshops code: IOTA2020

Server in Germany, chat support and easy handling

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you here.
One of them is is the ideal solution for the “normal” investor – but of course also for the pro-trader.
The software is clearly and intuitively designed and the servers are located in Germany – for many an important detail.
In addition, there is a live chat, which helps you with questions and thus makes the use even easier.
A service that is hardly available anywhere else.

coin ink chat
Screenshot of the chat support at

Of course all common exchanges are supported.
You only have to load the CSV file of the respective exchange into and the rest happens almost by itself.
All trades are listed and if required a document for the tax return or the tax office can be created.

It’s even easier if you use the API connection. So all trades, purchases, sales etc. are transmitted completely automatically.

You can find an overview of the prices here: < prices>

Discount thanks to IOTAshops

The prices of are already very fair and are within the range of the other providers.

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you save an additional 15% on the purchase! (*)


Conclusion is ideal for anyone who wants to correctly document and tax their cryptocurrencies such as IOTA, Bitcoin etc. in order to avoid future disputes with the tax authorities.

A user friendly interface, fair prices, a super support and servers in Germany complete the package.

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