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„We are Morons“ – exclusive t-shirt drop with NFT gift-card

It’s time – time to confess
We are morons. Show the world.

Once upon a time, an influential personality of a relatively well-known exchange said that only morons would buy IOTA.
Shortly thereafter, IOTA took off. Chrysalis, Stardust update, Shimmer and Assembly on the way.
Time will tell who is a moron here.

Now there is finally the right shirt for every IOTA moron!
And in addition, there is a small bonus in the form of a gift card, which includes an exclusive morons NFT.
This bundle is strictly limited to only 222 pieces and will surely go down in IOTA history.

Those who already own an IOTA shirt, such as the Chrysalis, Classic or the Multi Tool, will appreciate the high quality.
For this reason, we also rely on the tried and tested for the Morons shirt.
Same cut and same material.

The „We are Morons“ t-shirt is a collaboration of IOTAshops, Morons and TokenizedKiwi.

Exclusively available on:

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