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Diffusion 2019 By Outlier Ventures With IOTA And IOTAshops

Diffusion 2019 with IOTA and IOTAshops

A short field report

The Diffusion 2019 was a complete success.

On October 19th and 20th, about 850 developers and DLT enthusiasts met at the #Diffusion2019.
The event was organized by Outlier Ventures in Berlin.
It was a hackarthon that was about writing a presentable code within two days.

For this there was a large selection of DLT protocols – Ethereum, Fetch.IO, Ocean Protocol and many smaller still quite unknown ones.
And of course IOTA was also represented.

IOTAshops at Diffusion 2019
IOTAshops as an official partner at Diffsuion 2019
IOTA Foundation members
Holger Koether (left), Antonio Nardella (center), Philipp Blum (right) from the IOTA Foundation

IOTA was present with some members of the IOTA Foundation and took over the mentoring role for people who wanted to realize something with the IOTA Tangle technology.
The Foundation also provided some prize money.
Holger Koether, Philipp Blum and Antonio Nardella answered the questions of the teams and were supportive in case of questions.

A fascinating fact was that everyone got along well with each other.
There was no competition between the individual protocols.
On the contrary.
We exchanged information and got to know things about other protocols/projects that we might not have been aware of before.
Together instead of against each other – a wonderful spirit!

Also that some teams have not only bet on one protocol, but have used several has shown that it makes no sense in the DLT area to fight each other.
One should rather bundle energies and knowledge – in the long run probably the best way to advance this young technology.

But now to the event agenda:

Day 1 at Diffusion 2019

On 19.10. I arrived at the location at around 9 AM.
There were already many people present.
I got a small overview of the location and got myself a coffee to become awake.
In the cafe of the Factory Berlin I met Antonio and Philipp from the IOTA Foundation.
We exchanged ideas and shortly afterwards Jamie Burke’s welcome speech took place in the main hall on the ground floor.
He and his team welcomed us participants all warmly.
The procedure and further details of the event were discussed.

Jamie Burke Diffusion 2019
Jamie Burke at the opening ceremony for Diffusion 2019

Afterwards the individual teams slowly came together.
In a relaxed atmosphere we began – the hacking started.

Around 12 o’clock it was time for a strengthening pause.
The chefs conjured up a buffet on the tables that was worth seeing.
Strengthened it went for the developers back to their projects.


For the “non-hackers” there was enough to experience.
In talks, which were held in different areas of the location, everyone could choose the topic that was most interesting for them.

At 2 pm it was IOTA’s turn.
Holger and Philipp gave the audience an insight into IOTA and the protocol behind it.
Also the IOTA Ecosystem Development Fund was discussed and afterwards the audience could ask questions on which Holger and Philipp took a stand.

Holger Koether IOTA
Holger Koether from the IOTA Foundation at the IOTA talk
Philipp Blum at Diffusion 2019 in Berlin IOTA
IOTA Foundations Philipp Blum at the IOTA Talk
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Members from the IOTA community were also frequently present.
One of the reasons why I love such events.
You meet the people in real life and can exchange ideas, drink a cafe and tingle together at the event.

While the developers were busy with “hacking”, I did what you usually do at such events – networking.
I met a lot of new, nice people.
A bit of advertising for IOTAshops, the IOTA Certificates and the Academy and IOTA itself was also a must.

Around 7PM it was time for – exactly – food again.
Together with members of the IF and people from the community we sat in a relaxed atmosphere, ate and exchanged ideas.

Day 2 at Diffusion 2019

When I arrived on the second day at 11 o’clock in the factory, there was already a lot going on.
I got an overview of the talks of the day and went in search of the IOTA people.

The atmosphere was different than the day before.
Everyone was much more focused.
Innovation and inspiration were in the air.
I looked at various teams and found out about their progress.

Also today Outlier Ventures took care of the well-being of their guests.
After the excellent lunch, the pitching of the projects / teams slowly began.
The IOTA jury had its place in the 1st floor.

At 3 pm the first candidate for one of the coveted prizes arrived: KawAPI.
A tool that allows the monetization of data of all different kinds.
Paul Kohlhaas presented the project, the vision and the technological background to the jury.

KawAPI pitching
Paul Kohlhaas pitching “Kaw API” to the Jury

The next pitch came from Team “Pepito “.
A tool that should revolutionize the bottle-deposit system.
Instead of receiving a deposit in the form of cash, in the future this should run via crypto currencies.

Pepito Team pitching at Diffusion IOTA jury
Team “Pepito”

The third pitch came from the Les Semis-Croustillants team.

3rd IOTA pitch
3rd IOTA pitch by “Les Semis-Croustillants”

But there were also other teams that had implemented IOTA in their showcases.
For example T-Labs, which did not pitch at IOTA, but at another jury.

After the pitches there was still some time to recover before the long-awaited award ceremony started at 7 pm.
The hall filled up and there was a lot of tension in the air.
We would soon find out who would be the winner of the prize.

Jamie and his co-founder welcomed the excited audience and briefly recapitulated the happenings of the weekend.
And then it all started.
First the prizes were awarded in the main categories.
Afterwards, the individual protocol prizes were awarded and – IOTA.
Holger Koether came on stage to hand over the prize.
Jamie Burke announced the winner – KawAPI – the first project that had been presented to the jury at the noon.

Visibly happy, Paul came on stage and took the prize.

winner in the IOTA category at Diffusion 2019
Paul is the winner in the IOTA category with his Project: Kaw API – congratulations!
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The award ceremony was followed by a dinner.
The excitement and tension gave way to a relaxed atmosphere.
Together with members of the IOTA Foundation, some community members and the winner, we sat together for a while and enjoyed the evening.

Drinks after the prize ceremony
After the prize ceremony everybody had some drinks and enjoyed the evening

Around 9 pm the event slowly came to an end.


This event has shown that differently than the cryptospace sometimes makes us think, it is very well possible to work together on a vision.
Unfair competition between the individual protocols doesn’t get you any further technologically.
Together we can achieve much more.
The event once again proved how many bright minds there are in the community who enrich the entire cryptospace with ideas and visions.

Great compliments go to everyone involved in the event.
Jamie Burke and Outlier Ventures for organizing the event, his team and Factory Berlin for the smooth running of the event – and a special big thank you goes to Charlotte Kapoor from Outlier Venture, who supported me and the IOTA team from the first contact until the end of the event in every imaginable area and made sure that everything went perfectly for two days.
I would also like to thank the team for giving me / IOTAshops the opportunity to officially support the event and represent the IOTA community – thank you very much!


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