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Easy Passphrase Saver – secure protection

Protect your passphrase as safely as possible

With crypto currencies every person is his own bank and must behave accordingly also like a bank.
This means that you have to protect your digital assets yourself against theft.
If you use a hardware wallet (e.g. Ledger Nano S*, Trezor, etc.), this is an important first step, because the private key you need to send crypto currencies never leaves the device you use to execute the transaction.

However, these hardware wallets can also break down, or you simply won’t find them again, because they are not much bigger than a USB stick. Nevertheless, this is no problem, because with the 24 words (the bip39 passphrase) that you write down during the installation of the hardware wallet, you can “restore” the credit with another hardware wallet at any time.
These words should not be lost, so a simple note is not enough.
Because such a piece of paper can also be lost quickly, or it becomes unreadable in the event of a fire or other event.
In addition, these 24 words should be hidden from thieves, or stored sufficiently encrypted so that they are not immediately recognized as passphrases.
Anyone who knows your passphrase can in principle access your crypto currencies and send them to themselves and steal them.

easy passphrase saver set with bolts, pen, tools

The Easy Passphrase Saver Set

Easy Passphrase Saver – made to last!

The Easy Passphrase Saver (product website) is designed to store the 24 words in a particularly secure way. Because even in the digital age, analog storage is still the safest way. The Easy Passphrase Saver is made of stainless steel and is therefore very well protected against environmental influences such as fire, water, cold, corrosion and mechanical damage.

Additionally there is version especially for the IOTA Seed.

The EPS uses a system in which individual letters can be “written” by the arrangement of screws and so-called “reading nuts” in a stainless steel perforated plate and thus the first 4 letters of each word are firmly “screwed” and thus immortalized (4 letters are sufficient to clearly identify the words from the bip39 words table).
After all 24 words have been immortalized (follow the instructions), the plate must be protected against theft and unwanted disposal.
Here it is again an advantage that the system is made of stainless steel.

There are no limits to your imagination.
The plate can e.g. be buried, hidden, or also be locked away in a bank locker or a save.
A fire test at approx. 800 degrees Celsius proved in any case that the EPS was still clearly legible afterwards and thus a good way to secure its digital values. The EPS is manufactured exclusively in Germany and meets the highest demands.

See how durable the saver is:



Prices start at 16,99€ for the password saver. The galvanized savers start at 25,99€.
The duo-sets start at 39,99€.

The IOTA Seed version starts also at 25,99€.

Further informations and buying options can be found on the Easy Passphrase Saver website: <click here>

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