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How to buy IOTA in Europe with Euro and other local currencies

Buy, trade and sell IOTA in Europe

Buying IOTA with Euro (€) or other local currencies is not as difficult as some might think.
Depending on where you live, there are many different ways to get your hands on one of the most popular crypto currencies.

In Europe there are several exchanges that allow you to buy or trade IOTA.


One of the best known exchanges in Europe is Bitpanda*.Here the purchase is extremely easy to handle.
On Bitpanda you can easily buy cryptos with Euro, USD, GBP or any other accepted local currency.
These will be credited to your customer account immediately and are also available for withdrawal immediately.
After purchasing IOTA you can simply transfer them to your Ledger Nano S* or Trinity Wallet.
All you need to purchase is a verified account and you’re ready to go.
If you live in Austria you can buy vouchers in one of the many post offices and redeem them online.
By the way, these vouchers are also a great gift!
A special feature of Bitpanda is the possibility to set up a savings plan.
This makes it possible to automatically buy cryptos in a given interval.

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Another Fiat-gateway is AnycoinDirect(*).
The purchase is similarly easy as with Bitpanda.
A verified account is also needed to buy/sell IOTA, but you don’t have the opportunity to set up a savings plan.

BitIt and Coinfalcon:

Same goes for BitIt* and Coinfalcon*.
Both exchanges offer you easy access to IOTA using EURO(€) for payments.
BitIt is also accepting vouchers that can be purchased in many countries across Europe.


The fees are approximately the same on all exchanges mentioned above.
They average around 3% (as of May 2019).
Customers can find the Euro exchange that suits them from the wide range of products on offer.


Bitfinex and Binance:

Bitfinex and Binance are among the largest crypto exchanges.
Here you also have the possibility to buy IOTA.
However, this is only possible if you own Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or another crypto currency that has a trading pair with IOTA.
You simply transfer your existing Bitcoin (i.e.) to Bitfinex or Binance and can then trade it against IOTA.
As soon as you have IOTA in your depot, you can transfer it to your Trinity Wallet or your Ledger*.

In this case, the fees are usually lower than in the alternatives mentioned above, but the effort is greater.
Especially with larger sums you have to consider which option is suitable for you.



Unfortunately, there are also many dubious providers on the Internet.
If a provider offers the customer to trade with IOTA without verification, the alarm bells should go off.
IOTAshops only mentions / lists exchanges that have a good reputation and have already received positive feedback from customers and/or the community.
Nevertheless, every customer should do their own research before entrusting their money to an exchange.

And also remember to act responsibly when buying cryptocurrencies.
There is always the chance of a 100% loss.
Never invest money you are not willing to lose.

IOTAshops does not assume any liability for financial damages resulting from the trade with crypto currencies.

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