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IOTA Christmas Gift Ideas

Find the right gift for everyone

Christmas is getting closer and closer again this year.
And every year the question arises what to give to your loved ones.
But luckily IOTAshops knows what makes the heart of an IOTA enthusiast beat faster.
This article lists the coolest IOTA gadgets that should not be missing under any Christmas tree.
From clothing to technical gadgets, this year it’s all there.
With their low prices, these Christmas gift ideas won’t tear any big holes in your wallet.


The classic.
If you want to express your love for the best crypto currency out there, you can’t miss one of the numerous IOTA merchandise items.
Whether it’s a T-shirt with the IOTA logo or a cup for your morning coffee – the IOTA onlineshop has something for everyone.
Hoodies for the cold days or bibs and rompers for the smallest of us.
Even pregnancy fashion is available.
But there are also car mats for the car fanatic or some nice looking IOTA stickers to buy.
Whether for yourself or for the partner / friend etc.. – with these gifts you are always exactly right. logo
IOTAshops onlineshop offers a large selection of IOTA merchandise. Additionally every purchase supports our community work! (one click on the picture and you’re already in the shop)

IOTA Price Ticker

For the tinkerers and technology enthusiasts there is of course also the matching gadget for Christmas.
The IOTA Price Ticker, which is based on an Arduino TTGO TS with display, is the ideal gift for the IOTA enthusiastic developer.
Inexpensive and easy to program, this little gadget is ideal as a Christmas present.

IOTA Price Ticker TTGO TS 1.8"
IOTA Price Ticker

Get your TTGO TS here and start coding: <click here>*

Easy Passphrase Saver

If you hold IOTAs, of course you also have a seed.
The Easy Passphrase Saver / Easy Seed Saver offers the ideal solution for storing the Seed safely.
Fire and water resistant, this manual solution is nearly indestructible and ensures that your Seed is safely stored.
The high quality and low price make this the perfect gift for every IOTA enthusiast.

Easy Passphrase / Seed Saver

Get your Easy Passphrase Saver here: <click here>

IOTA Developer Course and Certificate

If you want to give yourself or your loved one something very special for Christmas, the IOTA Developer Course / Certificate is just right for you.
Thanks to IOTAshops you get an exclusive discount up to 50% on the courses!

Ledger Nano & Nano X Hardware Wallet

A gift that will bring great joy to every crypto lover is a Ledger Nano hardwallet.
No matter if in the “simple” version or as Nano X version, which you can even connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, this small device is ideal for any crypto currency like IOTA, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. to store it safely.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet
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IOTA Ledger Nano Edition
Ledger Nano S

Get your Ledger Nano or Nano X here: <click here>*

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