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IOTA Consulting and Advisory for your company or business

Consulting / Advisory is of enormous importance in the fast growing field of distgributed ledger technologies (DLT).
In order not to lose the connection it is important to be up to date.
IOTAshops offers you the possibility of advisory and consulting services.

Specialized in the IOTA Tangle technology, IOTAshops is at your side to find the right solutions for your company/business.
With an enormous network of developers, IOTA Foundation– and community members, as well as extensive contacts in the industry, IOTAshops is the perfect partner for your business.

Together we work out strategies how the IOTA Tangle technology can best be used for you.
In case of technical problems and/or questions, you will benefit from our network of specialized and certified IOTA developers and will be able to work at the highest level with this groundbreaking technology right from the start.


What we do:

Our advisory and consulting services range from a simple introduction to the Tangle technology to complex use cases that require specialist support.
We make sure that your business is prepared for this technological revolution.
But we are also at the disposal of social media content creators, editors etc. with our services.
Have your content checked for content errors before publication and save yourself a costly correction in the aftermath, which may even lead to damage to your reputation.

IOTAshops is a pioneer in the area of advisory/consulting in the area of IOTA and can fall back on several years of experience in the area of DLT.
This experience, paired with a large network, offers you the ideal basis to make your company fit for this new market.
Use the Advisory / Consulting Service of IOTAshops for your planned POC (Proof Of Concept), your next marketing campaign or for other applications of the IOTA Tangle technology.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have! <click here for contact informations>

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