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IOT1 academy become a certificated IOTA developer

IOT1 Academy IOTA developer certificate

Become a certified IOTA developer

Developers who are interested in IOTA technology have the opportunity to become certified IOTA developers.

IOT1 and the IOTA Foundation have joined forces to offer courses and training in an online academy:

The IOTA Academy enables interested parties to participate in these courses, trainings and seminars online via an app.
Basic and specific knowledge is taught.

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Depending on the chosen course, there is also individual supervision.
At the end of each course/training the participant takes a final exam, which is also attended by members of the IOTA Foundation.
After successful participation, the participant will receive a certificate confirming that he or she has passed the examination.

You can also purchase the certificate in advance without a course if you think you already have the necessary knowledge. (click on the banner above for more information)


Note: (If you book your course through, you will receive an additional discount!
Read more about this below.)

IOTA developer training certificate screenshot
Screenshot of an IOTA developer certificate example


Why developers benefit

The number of companies interested in IOTA is constantly increasing.
As a result, the demand for developers who have mastered this subject is also highly increasing.

Programming hardware and software based on the IOTA technology is becoming a more and more asked topic.

Companies and developers benefit equally from this certificate by the IOT1 / IOTA Academy.
A certification, as it can be acquired here, shows the company that the developer has the necessary skills and knowledge to offer added value in this area.

Most companies that are starting to integrate DLT still lack experts in this area. And the number of companies that want to gain a foothold in this field is increasing daily. A high demand for specialists thus enables developers, who are demonstrably experienced, to pursue completely new career opportunities.

Thanks to this document, the developer has new opportunities and chances to place his skills in a company or project that is looking for IOTA experts.

An interesting point is that the certificate is stored on the IOTA Tangle.
To prove the authenticity it is sufficient to scan the QR-Code or to enter the hash shown at the bottom of the document via




The prices are between 599€ and 1499€ for the developer courses / trainings.**


  • “Developer Certification only”185,56€ certificate without course/training in advance. (click here for more information*).
  • “Pure Digital” – For 599€ you get a 6-week training, which is carried out online via an app.
  • “Blended Training” – For 999€ you get the 6 weeks training plus premium support via Messenger.
  • “Blended Seminar” – For 1499€ you get the 6-week training, messenger support and additionally a two-day seminar.

Training/courses for non-developers (such as managers) will follow shortly.


If you decide to book a course at the IOTA Academy, you will receive an additional discount of up to 50%** if you do so via!
IOTAshops cooperates with the IOT1 Academy to offer you this exclusive discount.

If you would like to benefit from this unique offer, please send an email with the subject “IOTA Academy Discount” to .
Write which of the three courses you are interested in and you will be sent all necessary information/links.





The establishment of this academy proves how serious the foundation is about building a large community of highly specialized developers to advance the development and progress of IOTA technology.

Use this unique opportunity to give your career a boost!



Further information can be found at and

**Prices and discounts may vary – please see the IOTA Training page for the latest prices. Latest discounts available after contacting the IOTAshops.



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