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Javascript workshop berlin by iotashops and einfachiota

IOTA Javascript Workshop in Berlin – February 6th 2020

Learn to communicate with the IOTA Tangle

To start the year productively right away, there is nothing better than to set up a workshop :)
That’s why we are organizing, together with Sebastian Heußer from, the first IOTA Workshop 2020 in Berlin.
On February 6th 2020 all IOTA enthusiasts are invited again to participate in this event.
The special thing is – you don’t need any special previous knowledge.
Experience in coding is of course an advantage, but the workshop is also suitable for beginners.

Where – when?

At the WeWork at the Berlin Gedächtniskirche the workshop starts at 6pm.
The Developer Meetup and the XDK2MAM workshop also took place there last year.
All you need is a laptop and fun to learn something new!
Required programs etc. can be downloaded on site.
Also hardware is not needed.

The workshop is based on the programming language: Javascript

We start at 0 – meaning that we start with a short introduction to IOTA, so that even newcomers get a short overview.
We will get to know the different programs and libraries and work our way forward step by step.
In the end we have learned all the basics to be able to communicate with the Tangle.


Why should you participate?
Simple – it’s much more fun to actively use a technology instead of just reading about it.
With practical examples, you will learn how to use this revolutionary technology.
With this knowledge, you will come a lot closer to realizing your own POC (Proof Of Concept) and thus make your ideas come true.
Furthermore, such an event is always a good opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to get to know each other.

After the 2 hours workshop, there is the possibility to end the evening in a relaxed atmosphere in a bar / restaurant nearby.

IOTAshops and einfachIOTA are looking forward to a funny but also very productive afternoon with you!

Further information about the event, as well as the possibility to register, you will find <here>


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