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iota magazine english edition

IOTA Magazine: EiMag – Now also available in English

The einfachIOTA magazine – now available worldwide

The IOTA magazine “EiMag” from einfachIOTA was a great success.
A joint project of the community that is second to none.
Articles about IOTA, written and published by members of the IOTA community, created a great demand.
Carefully researched articles and a great eye for detail make the magazine a very special and unique project.

The first edition was quickly sold out and the demand for an English version for the international audience was enormous.
Inquiries from all over the world filled the mailbox.
A rush that nobody expected at the beginning!

And of course nobody should be left out.
That’s why the EiMag is now finally available in English too!
For weeks all the texts were translated by the einfachIOTA team.

Now the English version can be ordered in the Online Shop.
You can pay comfortably via Paypal and of course – with IOTA**. [**Update Feb. 24th: since the mainnet is down for value transactions, this option is currently not available]

<Click here for the shop>

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About einfachIOTA:

einfachIOTA is a platform that has made it its mission to bring IOTA to people as simply as possible.
Articles, such as blog articles of the IOTA Foundation, are translated into German and important topics are highlighted in a way that everyone can understand.
Furthermore, there is a forum, projects from the community are presented, tutorials are made available and much more.
All this is done by members of the IOTA community.
Numerous editors, consisting of community members, provide visitors with carefully researched articles and background knowledge.

IOTAshops is proud to be a part of this project and to support it.
If you would like to become a part of einfachIOTA and maybe even contribute to the IOTA magazine in the future, take a look at the einfachIOTA website or check out the official einfachIOTA Discord-Channel.

But companies are also very welcome – if you want to advertise your IOTA relevant business or product in the mag for example, please contact the einfachIOTA team or contact IOTAshops.

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