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IOTA Manager Course Certification

IOTA Manager Certificate and Courses

Certificate and courses for managers as proof of in-depth knowledge of the IOTA technology – Up to 50% discount thanks to IOTAshops

The demand for professionals who are familiar with the IOTA Tangle technology is constantly increasing. IOTA is also a hot topic in the business environment, but few have the competence to put the full potential of this groundbreaking technology into easy-to-understand words and to communicate it to their counterparts. If it is necessary to make IOTA palatable in your own company or its customers and to enable integration into existing systems or new projects, it is necessary to have managers (managers, project managers, etc.) who can impart a solid knowledge about IOTA and the technology behind it.

IOTA Manager Course Certificate
Samples of the IOTA Manager Course Certificate

With the IOTA Manager Certification of the IOTA Foundation and the IoT1 Academy, you can now prove this expertise. Anyone who calls this document his own can rightly claim that he knows what he is talking about and that he has “understood” IOTA. During the Manager Course, all important aspects of IOTA are covered. Starting with the history and background staltheses around IOTA, about the technical aspects, up to visions that are still in the distant future – all these are topics that find their place in the course. The Manager Course also discusses the technical rafting of Tangle technology, but does not digress too deeply into developer-specific topics and related technical language. The target group of this course/certificate needs to know how IOTA works in itself – but it is not important to be able to decrypt the underlying code.

Potential, use cases and benefits for companies are in the foreground of the IOTA Manager course. The aim is to provide the participants of the course and the graduates with a solid basis on the way to bringing IOTA into conversation and beyond in their company and beyond.

The IOTA Manager courses and certificates are offered by the IOTA Foundation in cooperation with the IoT1 Academy

Increasing your own market value – not only important for managers

But also for people who do not occupy a manager position, an IOTA Manager certificate is suitable to increase their own market value.
In the field of distributed ledger technologies (DLT), people with expertise are always sought. This certificate is the ideal proof and should increase the chances on the labour market by many times.


The prices for each course and certificate are as follows:

  • Manager Certification” – 185.56€ certificate without course/training in advance.
  • “Pure Digital” – For €599, you get a 6-week training, which is done online via an app.
  • “Blended Training” – For 999€ you get the 6-week training plus premium support via Messenger.
  • “Blended Seminar” – For 1499€ you will receive the 6-week training, messenger support and additionally a two-day seminar.

(The courses in German will start on July 1st, 2020. Courses in English will follow on July 15th, 2020 and on August 15th, 2020 in Spanish.)

Please note that the courses do not include the certificate.

Discount up to 50%

IOTAshops offers exclusive discounts of up to 50%

on the IOTA Manager courses for active members of the IOTA community**. To take advantage of the discount, please send an email to with the subject “Manager Discount” and the course of your choice.

**Eligible for the discount are IOTA community members who have been active for at least 2 months. Please attach a proof of activity in one of the IOTA communities, e.g. Reddit, Discord, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter or similar, to the mail. How this proof looks like is up to you. Among other things a screenshot with username, a PM/DM via social media to IOTAshops etc. are suitable. By providing these informations, you agree to our privacy policy.

Of course, there is still the possibility for developers to purchase the IOTA developer certificate and courses. Here IOTAshops offers a discount of up to 50%, too.

More informations regarding this topic can be found on: and

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