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Shops for IOTA Merchandise

The official IOTA merchandise Shop

The official IOTA merch shop offers you official merchandise of the IOTA Foundation.
Among other things you can find the IOTA “classic” t-shirt and there are regular drops of limited editions.
But also products like hoodies and stickers are available there.
Seasonally there is a changing offer of products, which were designed in cooperation with the design team of the IOTA Foundation and other designers.
The products offered are always of the highest quality.
We also offer an all-round service by supporting community projects to publish and distribute their own merchandise.

IOTAshops.comOur “Secondary Shop”
Here you will find a large selection of other IOTA merchandise. Whether you are looking for a t-shirt, hoodie, water bottle, mug, baseball cap or baby clothes – here you will find what you are looking for.
The articles offered here are not from our own production, but are distributed in cooperation with one of our partners.
Again, we attach great importance to high quality and excellent customer service. Regular discount promotions also ensure one or the other great deal for you!
Every purchase supports our community work. Among other things, the proceeds are used for Meetups and other events, such as workshops, etc..

“We are Morons” – exclusive t-shirt drop with NFT gift-card

It’s time – time to confess We are morons. Show the world. Once upon a time, an influential personality of a relatively well-known exchange said that only morons would buy IOTA. Shortly thereafter, IOTA took off. Chrysalis, Stardust update, Shimmer and Assembly on the way. Time will tell who is a moron here. Now there…

Defining Moments 2021 – Review ’21 And Outlook ’22 Meetup

It’s that time again – the “Defining Moments 2021” Meetup is coming up! Even though technology is developing rapidly, we remain true to our traditions. Once again this year, we are happy to spend an exciting and fun evening together with you – the IOTA community. Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow us to…

Introducing: The IOTA “classic” T-Shirt

You asked for it – you get it! For a long time now, the question keeps coming up where to get the stylish IOTA shirt that Dominik Schiener (co-founder of the IOTA Foundation), wears at his AMA’s. Also at presentations, meetups and other events, one saw employees of IF wearing this shirt again and again.…

NFTiota – the IOTA NFT marketplace

High fees for trading and offering NFTs are now a thing of the past NFTs are certainly one of the most anticipated features for IOTA. For Ethereum one of the top topics in recent years, many are looking for a solution on the IOTA Tangle. The partly enormous fees on Ethereum and Co. often ruin…

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