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Solutions for businesses that want to offer IOTA payment:

bitvolo is a solution made for integrating IOTA payment into your business.
Bitvolo IOTA payment gateway – “Bitvolo is a payment gateway which works according to the idea of trustlessness the cryptocurrencies are based on: You don’t need to trust us in the transaction – the payment goes directly from the customer to your IOTA address, We also offer a very low and fixed transaction fee of CHF 0.05. Your prices can be expressed in any fiat currency. We’ll do the conversion to IOTA at checkout. We currently offer the following integrations: API, Javascript integration, WOOCommerce, Planyo (more to come soon).”
Offer your customers IOTA payments using the CryptAPI payment solution.“CryptAPI is a payment processor designed to make multiple cryptocurrency integration as seamless as possible. It allows businesses to accept payments in 5 of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the least amount of effort possible. Key features: -Support for BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH and IOTA (and growing…) -No registration or API keys required -Request a new payment address with a single line of code -Fully automated system -Low fees, starting at 1% – IOTA payment gateway plugin

IOTA payment gateway – the perfect solution

If you are a merchant / shopowner and want to offer IOTA payment you find the solution right here.

There are different payment solutions available for businesses that want to accept IOTA payments.

Most of them are very easy to implement in existing systems.

IOTA payment gateways are available for most of the best known shopping systems.

You can integrate IOTA payments in WOOCommerce, Shopware, Javascript, Planyo, API and many other webshop types.

Offering your customers to pay with IOTA is a win-win situation for every participant.

The merchant saves a lot of fees and the payments are almost instant.

The customer saves money because there are no transaction fees, too.

Merchandise and other things like art and hardware will be even more attractive if the customer can pay with his favorite cryptocurrency.

Also the Tangle gets strengthened by every transaction which makes the Tangle even faster and more secure.

Accepting IOTA payments is a great way to participate in this groundbreaking new technology.

Be part of the revolution and be one of the first shops that offers your customers to pay with IOTA.

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