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IOTA Price Ticker Using The TTGO TS

IOTA Price Ticker using the TTGO TS

Stay up to date thanks to the IOTA price ticker

Who doesn’t know this – you are constantly looking at your mobile phone to check whether the IOTA price is moving up or down.
The battery is constantly empty, the neck hurts from steadily looking at the mobile phone and your partner is annoyed.
Wouldn’t a small stationary solution be ideal?
Fortunately, we have hard-working inventors in the community who have solved this problem.

With the price ticker developed by community member “Oxinon” (who is also known from the IOTA vending machine project) you can now get the latest IOTA price at any time – and your mobile phone can stay in your pocket.

The great thing is: you can easily rebuild it yourself.
All you need is a TTGO TS*, a power supply and 10 minutes time.

TTGO TS IOTA price ticker backside

TTGO TS IOTA price ticker module: backside

The code is available at Github, as well as the corresponding instructions.
In principle the procedure is quite simple:
You install an Arduino IDE (see Github readme), create a project, install a few libraries, copy the code and adjust it a bit (Wlan for example) and you’re done.
But the manual will explain all this to you in detail.

Besides the current price, the IOTA Price Ticker also shows you the current market rank and the percentage price change of the last hour, 24 hours and 7 days.
These values can also be adjusted according to your wishes.

Also take a look at the IOTA Ecosystem page of the ticker and leave a like or a small donation if you like the project.

How it works

Here’s a little video showing the ticker live in action:

Of course you can display other cryptocurrency courses like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and others with just a few clicks.

Its affordable price (~$15$ to $18) and easy installation make the cryptocurrency price ticker the ideal DIY hardware project for any IOTA enthusiast.

There are different versions of the TTGO TS.
The 1.8″ version was used in this project to ensure the best possible readability and presentation.



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