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IOTA Spark Wallet

IOTA Spark Wallet

Spark – The “Everyday Wallet”

The IOTA Trinity Wallet is known to everyone and is also very popular in the entire crypto community.
The Trinity Wallet quickly gained popularity outside the IOTA community due to its ease of use and visually impressive user interface.
In everyday life, Trinity also performs like no other.
With the mobile version (IOS & Android) it is perfectly prepared for everyday life.
You can send and receive transactions at any time and have all your IOTA with you.

Now the IOTA Foundation has published the Spark Wallet aka. “Burner Wallet“.
This is a slimmed down version of the popular wallet.
This version is limited to the essentials.
If you had to enter a password every time you opened the mobile app, this step is no longer necessary.
For this reason, the Spark Wallet is of course not suitable for accommodating large sums of money/IOTA.

Screenshot from an IOTA Spark Wallet QR-code example by the IOTA Foundation (QR-code modified by IOTAshops)

Rather, this new wallet serves as a kind of “small change wallet” on which a small sum is always ready to hand.
Vision: If you now go to the bakery, pay your ticket etc. you don’t have to enter your password in order to make a transaction.
A fingertip and the application is immediately ready to go.
By scanning a QR code, for example, a transaction can be authorized immediately.
The same applies if you want to receive a transaction.

In order to receive a small amount of money, it is too costly for the user to enter a password first, and so on.
The Spark Wallet generates a QR-Code and you can show it immediately to your counterpart.

The whole application is operated via a browser. The installation of an app on your smartphone is therefore not necessary.

By this innovation the mass adoption is pushed even further.
In order for a new technology to be accepted by the masses, it is of enormous importance that it is easy to use.
This is exactly what the new Spark Wallet fulfills – even though the Trinity Wallet is already at the simplest level of handling.

It should not be seen as a replacement for the “old” Trinity Wallet – rather it is a supplement that makes the use of IOTA even easier and more convenient, especially for end consumers.

Test the new Spark wallet now on:

[This article is based on information available at the time of publication.]
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