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IOTA t-shirt with IOTA logo in the center

IOTA t-shirts from CryptoCentauri

IOTA T-Shirt

Last time i bought myself an IOTA keychain from one of the listed shops on

This time it was an IOTA t-shirt :)

Since there are so many shops already listed that sell IOTA merchandise like shirts, caps and other cool stuff, i thought it’s about time to buy a shirt to show some IOTA-love!

I ordered my shirt from
They got many different styles and i decided to buy one with the IOTA logo placed in the center.
I usually wear size XL so i ordered this size.

Great thing is that you can pay with IOTA at
But they also accept Paypal and Creditcards.

The whole order process went smoothly and after a few days i received a package.
There it was – my new IOTA shirt.

I took it out of the foil – and it fits perfect!!

Not only that you can pay with IOTA there – now they even offer you a 10% discount with the code:    SWEETSEPTEMBER

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