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Trinity Is Here! Check Out The Most Advanced Wallet In The Cryptospace

Trinity is here! Check out the most advanced wallet in the cryptospace

IOTA Trinity Wallet

After months of waiting and nervrecking “wen wallet” posts on Reddit and Discord the IOTA Trinity Wallet has finally arrived.
And it’s awesome!
It works like a charm and it is so beautiful to look at.

Yesterday was the announcement and the demand was so high that the servers couldn’t stand it.
At least for IOS.
But you need to hurry – IOS allows only 10k users to be part of the open Beta.
Android is unlimited, so there is no need to rush.

You can download your Trinity Wallet for IOS here: Trinity for IOS

You can download your Trinity Wallet for Android here: Trinity for Android

Shortly after the announcement the Trinity website was launched too.

There you’ll find all the informations you need for Trinity.

And now i wish you much fun with the new Wallet!!

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