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IOTA VR Meetup Nr. 2

IOTA VR Meetup: Number 2

It’s time – the second IOTA Meetup in a virtual reality environment takes place!

After the success of the first VR-Meetup on April 6, 2020, where IOTA Co-Founder Dominik Schiener, Antonio Nardella, Evaldas Drąsutis & Sven Reiser from OMA gave interesting insights and answered questions, it is now time for the next round.

On May 4th, 2020 IOTAshops and einfachIOTA invite you again – with the motto: Multiversum
Decide for yourself which VR-room you want to be in or which stream you want to watch on YouTube.
We provide several community hubs where you can meet community members and watch the event.
Even if they are virtual reality rooms – don’t worry.
No special hardware is needed.
Almost every laptop, tablet or smartphone is suitable to participate.
You can decide for yourself whether you want to actively participate in the communication with the community or whether you prefer to watch the event as a silent viewer.

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The Lineup

This time we have exciting presentations for you again!

Antonio Nardella from the IOTA Foundation will give us insights into new community achievements.
Among other things he will tell us something about “Experience”.

Daniel De Michele will also be visiting us.
He is probably known to most people through his project XDK2MAM / IOT2MAM and his dedicated work in South America.
This time he will report about IEN – the IOTA Evangelist Network – which is now planning a new direction.

As with the last Meetup, will report on their progress and we will learn what this revolutionary marketplace is all about.

So it will again be an exciting evening full of interesting presentations and insights.

The “doors” open at 7:30PM (CET) – presentations start at 8PM (CET).

Watch the stream here:



How you want to participate is up to you.
We will provide you with various “hubs” where you can be in a VR environment and follow the event.
The special thing is that you can move freely and interact with other participants.

For more information about the event, visit our Meetup-site.
Follow our group and be the first to know about new IOTA events!

Another possibility is to watch the livestream on Youtube.
Here you can access the stream from IOTAshops or einfachIOTA and experience the event from different perspectives.

IOTAshops Youtube Channel: click here

einfachIOTA Youtube Channel: click here

You missed the first VR meeting?
No problem.
On Youtube you can watch the event in full length:

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