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Become a Patron for IOTAshops

IOTAshops on Patreon – support our community work and get something back

From now on you can also find us on
We have chosen this step because we would like to give something back to our supporters.

Our work for the IOTA community is growing every day.
IOTAshops hosts events such as Meetups and Workshops, and we travel to IOTA relevant events to report from there for you, the community, but also to bring IOTA closer to a relevant audience.
In addition, our commitment is of great benefit to the community. With events such as Meetups and Workshops, we bring IOTA closer to the people and thus also do educational work.
That’s why we want to continue to support IOTA’s progress as actively as possible in the future and continue to expand our offering.

All of this is largely done on a non-profit basis.
Our events are free of charge for the participants and we want to keep them that way in the future..

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Why Patreon?

Nevertheless such activities cost us a lot of time – and you guess right – as well as a lot of money.
In order to organize as many events as possible in the future and to report about events, we appreciate any support.
IOTAshops has never actively asked for donations.
One of the reasons was that IOTAshops was never at a point where the project was facing problems due to financial resources.
This is still the case today.

Nevertheless, we want to grow and meet the enormous demand for reports and events.
Financial support helps us to realize this goal more quickly.

But of course we want to offer the supporters something in return.
That’s why we chose
This platform enables content creators, bloggers and other people/businesses to get financial support from supporters, so-called patrons.
In return, the recipient of this support offers the “patrons” something in return.
This can range from regular news and photos to exclusive competitions, giveaways and other benefits.

In our case we have provided 4 different models for the start.
These differ in the sum of the donation and the “compensation” included with it.



Official Patron – Level 1 ($3 or more)

At Patron level 1 the supporter supports us monthly with a sum of $3 (USD) or more and in return can participate in surveys, get exclusive insights into our work (e.g. photos of location visits etc.) and can chat with other patrons.

In the future we will also try to offer live streams of events.
Of course you can also contribute suggestions for improvement or ideas directly.

Official Patron – Level 1.2 ($8 or more)

At Patron level 1.2 the patron gets the same advantages as at level 1 – but he gets a seat card with his name on it for events organized by IOTAshops and attended by the patron himself. Of course we will try to reserve the best seats for you.

Official Patron – Level 2 ($25 or more)

As a Patron Level 2, you will receive all the benefits from previous levels and will also be named at Meetups/Workshops organized by IOTAshops. Either on a poster, billboard, whiteboard, etc.

But that’s not all – at events where you personally participate and which are organized by IOTAshops, you’ll get little goodies in the form of stickers, magnets, pins or similar.

VIP Patron ($100 or more)

As a VIP Patron, you are entitled to all the benefits mentioned above. You will also receive a t-shirt (or similar from the price range) from our collection at every event organized by IOTAshops you attend personally.

Furthermore you will be mentioned as a VIP patron in blog posts (e.g. before or after the event).

All further details can be found on the official Patreon page of IOTAshops.

The benefits for patrons can change over time and of course we are always open to your suggestions.

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