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IOTA Ledger Nano Edition

Ledger Nano S IOTA special limited edition hardwallet

IOTA Edition Ledger Nano S

Here it is!

Ledger Nano S IOTA special edition
Special IOTA edition of the Ledger Nano S hardwallet

The long awaited Ledger Nano S in the IOTA edition.
This is a limited edition given out from the IOTA Foundation to a few selected people. is honored to call itself one of the chosen ones that have the chance to put their hands as one of the first on this nice little device!

This hardwallet isn’t out for purchase yet – but who knows?
Maybe we will see it soon in the Ledger store.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
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The specifications are the same as from the “normal” Ledger Nano S and of course it is also Trinity Wallet compatible.
But this beautiful piece got a laser engraved IOTA logo and text on it.
It just looks awesome!

Of course you can use it with all the other featured cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on.

This hardware wallet is also compatible with IOTA’s Trinity Wallet.

Many thanks to the IOTA Foundation for this beauty!!


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