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Ledger Nano X – Bluetooth hardwallet for IOTA

Ledger Nano X – IOTA compatible wallet with Bluetooth

There is a new hardware wallet presented by Ledger – the Ledger Nano X.
This little device is the next generation of the probably most known wallet for cryptocurrencies out there.

The IOTA compatible Nano S was one of the most anticipated IOTA hardware pieces in the last year.
Now there is a new device on the market, making storing your funds and sending transactions even more convenient.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet
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This lightweight device (34g) has a built in 100mAh battery and an USB-C port.
Just download the Ledger Live App for IOS or android and you are ready to go.
The increased storage allows you now to store even more cryptocurrencies on your device.

A bigger display and two new located buttons make the handling easier than ever.

And of course this device is still compatible with your PC and the IOTA Trinity Wallet!

The first pre orders will receive a limited exclusive “Genesis Block” edition of the Ledger Nano X.

Buy your hardwallet on the official Ledger shop:*

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