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Pagi logo – the first IOTA product suitable for the masses

Pay-per-use redefined – thanks to Pagi!

Cryptos are an exciting topic. Especially IOTA. But wouldn’t it be great to finally use this new and groundbreaking technology in real-world conditions?
Pagi now makes just that possible!
What began as a project under the name Espiota at the end of 2019 has developed into a mammoth project in the course of 2020.
Originally conceived as a standalone hardware, the development has turned in a completely new direction.
Instead of relying on own hardware, Pagi (so the new name of Espiota) is now compatible with a large number of already existing IoT devices.
sockets, valves, switches, smart switches, etc.
A firmware that makes it possible to control and monetize almost any electronic device via IOTA.
You heard right.
With Pagi, electronic devices of any kind can be paid exactly according to usage time, consumption or other parameters.
The possibilities of use are almost unlimited.

An example from the field of e-mobility / micro-mobility:

Thanks to Pagi, everyone can easily build their own electric “filling station”. In this way, restaurants, public institutions, private households, etc. can benefit from the rapidly growing market for e-mobility/micro-mobility.
Simply equip an (outdoor) socket with Pagi and offer the users of these vehicles the possibility to charge their vehicles such as e-scooters and e-bikes.
The user benefits because he can pay exactly according to consumption and thus regains a large amount of control.
The operator gains a new source of income through the use of Pagi – without a big investment.
Pagi devices are cost-effective in purchase and maintenance, which is of particular importance to be of interest to the general public.

But Pagi can do even more:
For example, Pagi can be used for electronic doors, barriers, lockers, etc.
A transaction comes in and the door opens for e.g..
Gas and water valves can also be controlled and paid for in this way.
As already mentioned: with Pagi, the possibilities of use are almost unlimited.

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From now on, the Pagi website with a lot of useful information is accessible to the public.
Sales of Pagi devices are expected to start in Q1 2021.
The decisive factor for this is the publication of “Chrysalis” in the IOTA mainnet.

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