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Papyr epaper display IOTA QR code

Papyr epaper display with Bluetooth LE

Change your IOTA QR-code with ease

The Papyr is a small device with an epaper display made by Electronut Labs.
This piece of hardware is perfectly suited for projects where a QR-code is needed for e.g.
Just connect the Papyr via Bluetooth with your smartphone and send the QR-code or any other image to the device.
It will automaticaly show up on the epaper display (Nordic nRF52840).

You can also use MQTT to transfer image data to the device.
The mobile app allows you to even draw a picture by hand and send it to the display and you can programm the device by your needs.

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The Papyr runs on a single CR2477 battery and thanks to Bluetooth LE and the epaper display the run-time is extremly long.
But you can also power the device via USB.
Since the IOTA receiving address has to change everytime there was an outgoing transaction, this device fits perfectly due to it’s simple usability.
Just update your QR-code with your smartphone.
But there are tons of other usecases for this device, too.


The Papyr consists of a Raytac MDBT50 module with Nordic nRF52840 BLE/802.15.4 SoC, an 1.54 in. 200×200 pixel black/white/red epaper display, a micro USB port, a battery holder, NFC (PCB) antenna, RGB Led, a push button, power switch, mounting holes, SWD programming header and extra GPIOs.

All the specs, datasheets, tutorials and more informations can be found on the Electronut Labs website.

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