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Drawing time!! is now live.
You can choose pixels and draw something.
Special about this is, that every pixel is coupled to a transaction.
You as the artist can decide how much value each pixel will have.
Minimum is one IOTA.
Before you start drawing you choose your favourite IOTA project.
Now every pixel you draw will be donated to this chosen project.
This reminds me a bit of the million-dollar-pixel site in the early 2000`s.
But this is way better, since everybody will profit from this – not just the owner of the site.
This site is a great way to show you support for your favourite project and also it’s a great support for the Tangle.

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One more thing!

Do want to know how you can increase the fun of this by the factor 1000?
You choose in the list 🙂

[Update 2019: unfortunately this service is not available anymore.]
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