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Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game CTG

Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game CTG

CTG strategy game with medieval flair

Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game (CTG) is the first game released on Paracosms Caer Sidi platform.
This is a virtual board game, which is based on the Post Scriptum MMO RPG and follows a medieval topic.
The special thing is that the game is based on the IOTA Tangle technology.
All game data, e.g. scores, items etc., are stored on the DRT (Distritbuted Ledger Registry) and can therefore not be changed.

Post Scriptum CTG is a strategy game that can be played either against a virtual opponent or online or against other players.
At the beginning of the game you choose your fraction.
To the selection stand among other things humans, undead, demons etc..
If you start the game, you will be shown the instructions again with the most important game basics.
The aim of the game is to protect your “hero” and to bring down your opponent’s “hero”.

Post Scriptum CTG rules screenshot

Screenshot from the Post Scriptum CTG gameplay
Screenshots from the Post Scriptum CTG gameplay

Boosters: unique and rare tokens that increase your chances to win

To increase your chances in the game, you can buy boosters in the Caer Sidi Shop.
These contain rare tokens.
Some of them are even unique and can even increase in value over time.
These booster tokens have special abilities that are superior to the standard tokens.
Boosters are not absolutely necessary, but can influence the game in favour of the player and thus increase the chances of victory.

Buy, sell and trade your items on Caer Sidi

Tokens and other items are not tied to an account.
You can trade them.
Exchange your tokens or sell them to users who are interested.
The currency of Caer Sidi is CSC (Caer Sidi Credits).
Each purchase and sale is traded with this in-game currency, where 1 CSC is tied to 1€.
(A purchase of CSC is possible on the Caer Sidi Platform with IOTA, Bitcoin and Ethereum, among others).

Thanks to the numerous adjustment possibilities in the game, it is even possible to play the Post Scriptum CTG with an average PC, without expensive equipment and high-end components.

Best of all: Post Scriptum CTG is for free!

More information about the game and a download link can be found on the official website. <click here>

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