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Post Scriptum Paracosm Pre-Sale

Discounts for traders and gamers – Caer Sidi Credits, Paracosm Keys and Gaming Bundles

The Paracosm Post Scriptum Pre-Sale begins on March 1st 2019 at 8am (GMT).

Trader Pre-Sale

In the first round traders will have the chance to get their hands on Caer Sidi Credits (CSC) and Paracosm Keys with a 50% discount.
One CSC will cost in the Pre-Sale 0,5€ and a basic Paracosm Key 4,50€.
After the Pre-Sale one CSC will be 1€ and a basic key will cost 9€.

But there’s a minimum of 6000 Caer Sidi Credits or 666 Paracosm Keys you have to buy in this first Pre-Sale round.

Gamer Pre-Sale

Gamers and people who want to invest smaller amounts have the chance to participate in the Pre-Sale on March 11th.
Different kind of bundles will be offered.

The smallest bundle, the “Gamer Bundle” includes CSCs, the Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game and Altar: The war of gods.
The biggest bundle, the “Champion Bundle“, includes the same items as the “Gamer Bundle” but additionally has a basic and a tangible Paracosm Key, Booster packs for the Collectible Token Game and Altar, a Post Scriptum RPG invite, an Altar tabletop version game, basic key scins, advanced Caer Sidi skins, a Caer Sidi Skin with individual design and last but not least a real handpainted Champion minifigurine!

All the bundles in between will differ in the number of items included.

Boosters and rare / unique Tokens and Caer Sidi Credits

If you buy boosters for the CTG or Altar, you might be lucky and receive a very rare or even unique token.
These tokens will boost up your game and maybe even increase in value in time.

Caer Sidi Credits are the in-game-currency.
1 CSC will be worth 1€ to prevent volatility.
These credits can be used not only in Post Scriptum – they will be usable on the whole Paracosm platform.
All games that will be developed in the future will be Caer Sidi compatible.
Use your credits to buy items or pay for services for e.g.

How to participate in the Pre-Sale?

Buying the bundles or participating in the trader Pre-Sale will be possible with IOTA.
But you can also use Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH).

The Pre-Sale starts in March 1st 2019 at 8am (GMT) for the traders and on March 11th 2019 for the gamers and lasts for one month only.

All the latest news and further informations can be found on the Paracosm website.

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