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RuuviTag 1-Pack is now available

RuuviTag 1-Pack available – Stream data to the IOTA Tangle

RuuviTag 1-Pack finally available.

RuuviTag collect sensor data and stream it to the IOTA Tangle

Ruuvi already partnered with IOTA in 2017 and were the first company that sold a mass produced hardware product that can interact with the IOTA Tangle.
They sell a product called RuuviTag.

This is a very small piece of hardware which collects all kind of different data.
Humidity, temperature, airpressure, motion – all this data can be streamed for e.g. to your smartphone using Bluetooth LE.

It runs on a CR2477 battery and is ultra low power consumpting.
This device runs 1-2 years with only one battery and can operate in temperatures from -40°C to +85°C!

The Ruuvitag is also very small and waterproof.
With a diameter of only 42mm (52mm with housing) there are endless usecases for this little device.

One of the greatest things about the Ruuvitag is, that you can stream the collected data straight to the IOTA Tangle via MAM (masked authenticated messaging).
This is a great way to participate in the IOTA Datamarketplace.
Collect all kinds of data and sell it if you want.

Finally the RuuviTag is available in a 1-Pack.
Until now it was only possible to buy a pack of three.

This makes it also a perfect gift for every IOTAlover.

RuuviTag 1-Pack is now available
RuuviTag 1-Pack


There is also an App for IOS and Android available, so that you can start using your sensor right away.

RuuviStation App for Ruuvitag IOS and Android
Screenshot from the RuuviTag “RuuviStation” app for IOS and Android
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